eric carl schwartz

eric carl schwartz

a germany post

the last couple of days have been very lovely and i just wanted to collect + record three small moments.

one: i was making some mushroom tinga tostadas and a watermelon salad for dinner with a new friend and in order to buy a serrano chili i had to get it in a little bag with some thai chilis and a habenaro. this strikes me as a misunderstanding of how cooking works but i plan to have a spicy week

a small sachet of various chili peppers

two: walking home late at night i saw this cute guy who is now my most beloved neighbor

graffiti of a unicorn with 'genau' written across its body

three: the next morning i noticed a bus at hermannplatz with its destination sign lit up to inform passers by that the driver was having a coffee break. perfect, no notes

BVG bus parked at hermannplatz with sign for coffee break illuminated

i also got approved for a visa so i've updated the main page of this site to remove my dumb joke about that