eric carl schwartz

eric carl schwartz

cars suck

i'm writing this because did something admittedly kind of stupid this morning.

i was staying with some friends in antiparos this weekend but had to return to germany earlier than the rest of the group because of some stuff related to my visa. the port on antiparos has a convenient ferry that connects to the small port of pounta on the adjacent island, paros, every thirty minutes. from there, there’s a bus to the main port (about 8 km away) from which my next ferry was leaving a couple hours later.

i decided to catch the earliest ferry from antiparos to paros to start my journey back to berlin but failed to check the schedule for the connecting bus. upon arriving in pounta, i learned that while the first ferry of the day got in at a little after 6, the buses didn’t start running until almost 8. since it was early and not too hot + sunny yet and hate waiting aimlessly, i decided to walk from one port to the other. i had plenty of time.

a screenshot of the route from pounta to the main port

it ended up taking a little over an hour and a half and was largely quite pleasant but there were quite a few sections of the main road where i got passed dangerously closely by speeding cars, i breathed in a ton of exhaust and got honked at a couple times. at one point a very nice garbage truck driver stopped traffic for me so i could cross to the other side of the road where it was safer to walk.

i’m definitely not the first person to have this insight but it really sucks how much worse cars make even places that are ostensibly designed for their use for everyone else.

anyway here are some photos from the walk. i promise this site won't turn into a travel blog.

a photo of the view down the road a photo of a church